Benefits of Dental Implants

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Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental Implants are becoming increasingly popular and year on year, more and more patients choose to have implants to replace teeth extracted due to damage or decay, or teeth that have been lost. They can even be used as part of a “smile makeover”, to replace teeth instead of repairing them via traditional methods.

Whilst most people are aware of the term “dental implants”, unless they have had the procedure themselves or carried out research into it, most will have unanswered questions regarding implants and the significant benefits they offer, so as a patient, the benefits outlined below will help explain why implants could be right for you!

How are implants different from traditional dentistry procedures?

Unlike traditional methods such as crowns, bridges or dentures, which are bonded or connected to existing teeth, implants are fixed directly to the jawbone. This is achieved by a titanium post being fixed into the jawbone where the natural root of the tooth would have been located prior to the loss or extraction of the tooth in question. Once this post has been fixed in place a process called osseointegration begins. Taking several months, osseointegration is the process whereby the jawbone heals around the titanium post to fix it permanently and securely in place.

So, what are the main benefits of dental implants?

Implants offer a fully bespoke alternative to traditional tooth replacement methods. While a single tooth can be placed on a single post, a full set of artificial teeth can usually placed on around just 8 implant posts. Treatment can be tailored to each patients’ individual needs and requirements, whether that is the careful color matching and shaping of a single tooth to restore their smile, or a full set of new teeth, shaped and designed exactly to the patients’ specification.

Implants are the closest alternative to natural teeth. They are almost impossible to differentiate from natural teeth due to the fixing method inside the root of the tooth, and are the best way to recreate a perfect, “real” smile once again.

Another key benefit of dental implants is that they do not place any existing teeth or gum tissue under any load or strain due to the unique way in which they are fixed. This is unlike dentures, crowns and veneers which are attached to the teeth or gums directly, which naturally applies pressure to the area where they are mounted. While traditional tooth replacement solutions can cause discomfort and a loss of bite pressure when eating due to the way the treatment works, with implants, eating is comfortable and there is no loss of bite pressure because they are fixed directly to the jawbone.

When a tooth is lost or extracted, one of the long-term consequences can be bone loss or deterioration in the jawbone, which can even lead to a change in facial structure over time. Because dental implant posts are fixed directly into the jawbone, replacing the lost root, they effectively “fill the gap” and stimulate the continued health of the jawboSave as Draftne.

Of course, one of the key drawbacks of traditional dentures has always been the necessity for removal or cleaning, or even worse, that they can come loose, move around and even fall out, all of which can be extremely embarrassing. However, because they are permanently fixed in the mouth, implants do not have to be removed for cleaning and are completely hassle-free; you simply brush them and care for them like natural teeth.

When having any dental appliance fitted a principal concern of any patient is longevity of the appliance. How long will it really last? The good news with implants is that they are universally accepted and regarded as the ultimate long-term solution for replacing lost/extracted teeth. With their superior strength, secure fixing, and incredible durability, if properly looked after via a good dental health routine, there is no reason implant should not last for 25 years or more!

For more information about the benefits of dental implants, or to schedule an appointment to discuss this treatment, visit Midtown Dental Center in Atlanta, GA. Call (404) 874-0800 to schedule an appointment today.

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