How Often To Get a Dental Cleaning

professional dental cleanings

Dental cleaning is a highly recommended procedure for preventing gum disease and tooth decay. Dental hygienists and dentists perform it in the dentist’s office, often alongside a dental examination.

Not everybody loves going to the dentist. However, dental cleaning and checkups are necessary. Read on to learn how often you need to get a dental cleaning.

Why You Need Dental Cleaning

Dental cleanings are necessary even if you take proper care of your teeth. Dental practitioners have the necessary tools, resources, and training to clean areas that are difficult to reach. These enable them to reduce the risk of accumulating tartar and plaque.

Dental cleanings ensure potential dental problems do not worsen and become tooth decay or cavities. Your specialist can also remove stains and tartar that you cannot remove by yourself.

What to Expect During a Dental Cleaning

Different practitioners can do teeth cleaning differently. However, the following are the basic steps that often apply. The dental cleaning process takes less than one hour. Your specialist can apply a numbing agent to gums and teeth if you have teeth sensitivity before the cleaning begins.

During cleaning or scaling, your dentist will remove plaque and tartar buildup from your teeth. They will clean the areas of the mouth that are hard to reach by using unique tools that scrape off the stubborn plaque. They will use flossing tools and techniques to clean the spaces between the teeth.

Your dental hygienist can use a prophy jet. The tool uses water, pressurized air, and abrasive powders to remove stains, soft debris, and plaque. After doing so, they will rinse your mouth.

Next, your specialist will polish your teeth using dental paste on a rotating head to help shine your teeth. They will then apply a fluoride treatment to prevent cavities. After the treatment, your specialist may discuss dental hygiene and the ideal products you can use at home to keep your teeth healthy.

How Often Do You Need Dental Cleaning?

How often to get a dental cleaning depends on the oral needs of a patient. Some people are more prone to dental problems. Therefore, seeing a dentist is often necessary. However, others hardly get any dental issues. They may need dental cleaning less frequently.

Dental cleaning appointments should happen every six months, according to general guidelines. However, some patients may need the cleanings done every three months or every nine or 12 months.

Does Frequent Dental Cleaning Have Disadvantages?

Experts have not stipulated rules about how much is too much dental cleaning. However, there is a possibility that getting the procedure too often can damage your tooth enamel or cause tooth sensitivity.

Repeatedly cleaning your teeth at the dentist can also be expensive. The most comprehensive dental insurance may not cover your dental cleaning appointments more than twice a year. Thus, you may need to start paying out of pocket.

How to Know You Need a Dental Cleaning

The best way to know if you need a dental cleaning is to have your dentist examine your gums and teeth. They will check for signs of softening enamel or decay. They can also check for signs of gum disease by measuring the health of their gums per tooth. They will also check the condition of dental appliances or fillings that you may have.

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