What Dental Issues Can Botox Help With?

botox for dental issues

Most people do not like others knowing they have had Botox. They often feel like they are admitting to having unnatural beauty. However, Botox can help with dental issues safely and positively to help you feel confident and comfortable about yourself.

Everybody wants to have a functional and beautiful smile. Most people see your smile first when they meet you. Dental Botox helps treat various dental ailments. You can improve your condition and symptoms by visiting your dentist’s office and getting this outpatient treatment. Read on to learn more about the dental issues that Botox helps.

Teeth Clenching and Bruxism

Botox helps treat teeth clenching and other disorders like bruxism. It prevents muscle cells from contracting to help relax your jaw and face muscles. Teeth grinding or bruxism is common among many people. Studies show that approximately eight percent of all adults have sleep bruxism or grind their teeth during sleep at night. It leads to tooth pain, tooth wear, and oral damage.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders

Temporomandibular joint or TMJ disorders are often the main problems causing jaw pain. The joint connects the temporal bones to the jaw. It allows lateral and vertical movement for chewing, yawning, and speaking.

Temporomandibular joint disorders occur when the joint gets out of place or becomes strained. The causes are often due to an impact injury, teeth grinding, excess muscle tension, and teeth clenching.

The common symptoms of TMJ disorder include severe headaches, jaw pain, clicking jaw, and difficulty opening and closing the mouth. Your dentist can use Botox to treat this disorder to mitigate muscle spasms and relieve the tension in your jaw. As a result, your get pain relief and your jaw relaxes.

Masseter Hypertrophy

Masseter hypertrophy is a condition characterized by an individual’s masseter muscles expanding. The mouth uses these muscles when chewing food.

The muscles are on your jaw’s rear in the cheek region. They can enlarge due to excessive use through eating tough foods, chewing gum, and teeth grinding.

The enlargement of the masseter muscles is an aesthetic problem because one side of your jaw often enlarges. Botox helps with relaxing and smoothing these muscles. It helps re-contour the face and jawline to relieve masseter hypertrophy.

High Lip Lines

Doctors used to treat high lip lines through surgery as the only treatment option. The condition bothers many people and occurs when smiling. It exposes most of the gum above the teeth. Most people call it a gummy smile. Botox helps fix this issue in less than ten minutes.

Adjusting to Dentures

People who get dentures for the first time experience discomfort. The mouth adapts gradually, but new dentures entail a significant and quick change. Some patients may need help to get used to their new dentures. However, others may benefit from Botox treatment to help their muscles relax.

Botox helps relieve facial pain and discomfort in the mouth area caused by any dental or orthodontic treatment. Your dentist can recommend using it to help you adapt to your new dentures if you experience unusual or significant discomfort.

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