What Is a Routine Dental Visit Like?

dental visit

For many first-time dental patients, a routine dental visit can be daunting. Experiencing a fear of the unknown in such situations is commonplace. Do not be afraid, though; the dentist does not bite (pun intended). Also, remember that taking care of your teeth is crucial to your overall health.

If you want to know what an office visit with your dentist is like, read on. Here is a look at what typically happens when you schedule a dental visit.

Upon Arrival

When you arrive at your dentist’s office, a receptionist will welcome you. At this point, you must complete the required forms. You need to provide the following details:

  • Your medical history

  • Information about your insurance

  • Any medications you are using presently

Cleaning Your Teeth

After filling out these forms, you will proceed to the exam room to meet your dentist. Your dental history will be briefly discussed first, along with any potential worries you may have. Any concerns you may have about your teeth and oral health are a good idea to express at this time. Then your dentist will begin cleaning your teeth.

Dentists use specialized tools to eliminate tartar or plaque buildup from your teeth. They will particularly focus on hard-to-reach areas of your mouth. It is usually pleasant throughout this phase. However, you can experience some pressure or discomfort.

Taking X-Rays of Your Teeth

Your dentist might take X-rays of your teeth once they are spotless. X-rays often detect issues that may not be noticeable during a visual exam. These include bone loss, cavities, and other dental health issues. The X-ray process usually takes only a few minutes and is painless.

Performing a Visual Examination of Your Teeth

After the X-rays, your dentist will visually check your gums and teeth. They will look for any signs of gum disease, tooth decay, or other dental issues. In some cases, they may also perform a screening for oral cancer. It entails checking for any abnormalities in your mouth and throat.

Discussing the Results

During the final stage, your dentist will discuss the findings with you. If there are any issues, they will discuss possible treatments, including filling a cavity or more in-depth cleaning. They may also provide tips and recommendations for better oral hygiene. They will give advice on flossing and brushing techniques or using mouthwash.


Routine dental visits are essential for maintaining optimal oral health. Teeth cleaning and X-rays are two important procedures during these visits. The dentist can detect dental issues before they become serious. Remember, prevention is always better than treatment.

Regular dental checkups can save you from more extensive dental work in the future. These dental checkups are instrumental in keeping your teeth in tip-top shape for years. So, do not forget to schedule your next dental visit to maintain that sparkling smile.

For more information on dental care, visit Midtown Dental Center at our Atlanta, Georgia, office. Call (404) 874-0800 to schedule an appointment today.

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