Scheduling Same Day Appointments for Emergency and Walk-in Patients



Finally! A dentist I wasn’t afraid of!! Dr. Suitt and his team made me feel really comfortable. The facility was clean and I felt safe. They gave me a nice complimentary mask and everyone had great energy! My cleaning was painless and looked great! I have found my new dentist!!!

Tory T.

Today was my first time visiting this practice and I can say that I feel like a new person! Sheriese gave me outstanding cleaning and thoughtful tips. She was calm, informative, personal, yet professional. I seriously cannot remember having a cleaning that left my teeth and mouth so rejuvenated and I loved our previous practice. I had concerns about a greying tooth (or two) and was pleasantly surprised that Dr. Suitt met my concerns with light (conservative) suggestions to address it. What a relief to meet a dentist who puts the health of the tooth first and starts out slow when addressing something cosmetic! He was very present, knowledgeable, and warm. In addition, the ladies who answered the phone and greeted me at the door were so friendly, patient, and systematic with their careful handling of this COVID situation. They greeted me at the door (with mask) took my temp, communicated kindly, and professionally. They made it look easy and feel worry-free. Brave frontline superstars! Thank you Midtown Dental! I look forward to returning in February...wishing you health and sanity until then.

Dara A.

Great experience! I definitely will be bringing my family back. The staff was excellent, patient and the location was definitely convenient. I will definitely spread the word. Keep up the great work Dr. Suitt and the awesome staff!

Lance I.

Always an awesome and pleasant experience! Amazing staff and was very pleased with their extra procedures put in place for COVID-19. Dr. Suitt and Toni are hands down the best in Atlanta. Always punctual and they get all patients in and out in a timely manner. Highly recommend this dental practice to anyone!

Jennifer H.
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