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Invisible aligners are gaining popularity because of their convenience and dental safety. One of these advanced dental appliances is ClearCorrect. The American Board of Orthodontists (ABO) recognizes SureSmile as a highly accurate and innovative way to straighten your teeth. Many experts believe that the ClearCorrect system has brought a new standard to all invisible aligners. If you want to straighten your teeth using digital technology, here’s what you need to know about ClearCorrect.

The System

Dental experts use a digital means of treatment planning for ClearCorrect. They have special software that allows them to enhance the aligners. That way, they can provide complete precision and control in every phase of your ClearCorrect treatment. Your aligners have also been graded by the ABO. This is a high standard and a unique distinction that sets this teeth-straightening system apart from the others.

Every set of clear aligners is made of a high-quality Essix® brand of plastic. These advanced dental appliances apply the correct pressure on the correct teeth, at the set time. The professional digital team validates each alignment. You can only expect your dream smile without going through mouth pricks and scratches.

The Right Candidate

Your dental specialist may recommend ClearCorrect if:

  • You have gaps between your teeth.

  • Your teeth are misaligned or crowded.

  • You can care for your aligners responsibly.

  • You can wear your aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day, every day.

The Process

Here are the following steps in getting your ClearCorrect teeth-straightening system:

Dental Scan. Only a trained dentist in the ClearCorrect system can inspect your teeth and take a 3D scan of your entire mouth. Specialists use CBCT (cone beam computed tomography).

Personal Treatment Plan. Using the highest standard in orthodontic care planning, SureSmile dentists deliver precise aligners and beautiful smiles. You can look forward to digitally planned teeth movement.

Treatment Preview. Before releasing the ClearCorrect system to you, the digital technicians and clinicians will first map out and validate your personal treatment plan.

Treatment Proper
. Every SureSmile case is unique. Even a highly trained dentist cannot tell when you will have your dream smile. Some patients wear their aligners for 10 weeks, while others put them on for months.

The Qualities

Like other invisible aligners, ClearCorrect has its own set of unique qualities. Always remember that each aligner needs special care. This means that you must remove your aligners while you eat or perform daily dental care. The only liquid that should touch your aligners is water.

ClearCorrect straightens your teeth without painful pinches and scratches from wires and brackets. Another quality of these aligners is their transparency. You can straighten your teeth without feeling awkward about visible brackets. Perhaps the most attractive feature of SureSmile is that it works quickly. In as short as a few weeks, you can have a more beautiful smile.

If you want a highly digital teeth-straightening system, ClearCorrect is for you. Here at Midtown Dental Center, we are always ready to guide you throughout your ClearCorrect experience. Please visit our clinic in Atlanta, Georgia, for a one-on-one consultation. You can also call us at 404-874-0800 if you want to schedule an appointment or ask questions about our SureSmile teeth-straightening system.

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